08 July, 2014

How to rob a bank without stealing any money - Vox

How to rob a bank without stealing any money - Vox:

It could be something as simple as having two cups of
coffee — like when I went into  the elevator at Vox’s office, somebody
saw I was busy and they just swiped me in because I look like I belong
here. Another famous one is the smokers' door. If you get to the
smokers' door before the smokers come out and you seem like you belong
there, they'll let you back in the building because people are very
reluctant to challenge people.

To beat social engineering, you would have to challenge
everyone, which just isn't in our makeup. It works at the Pentagon, they
have guys with podiums everywhere whose job is to challenge people. But
otherwise if you turned around and slammed the door in someone's face
and said, "swipe in," you would seem so rude, and that's just so against
human nature. That's the trait that these guys use to break into