04 May, 2014

Book Club: Why Does Jesus Need To Be Divine? � The Dish

Book Club: Why Does Jesus Need To Be Divine? � The Dish:

hatchescross.jpgLet’s imagine that Jesus
was not the Son of God, but merely a charismatic and radical teacher of
a new form of love and compassion who so inspired his followers that
they were willing to die for him. Let’s assume that the scriptures were
not divinely inspired writings, but merely the product of the greatest
authors over a millennium of human history.  Let’s say that all of the
awe inspiring cathedrals, the soulful hymns and music, two thousand
years of Christian paintings and sculpture, let’s say all of that was
the product solely of the human heart and mind.  No help from the
outside.  And finally, let’s imagine that all human acts of amazing
sacrifice, generosity, bravery and compassion (even if the person was
inspired by religious belief) were entirely and exclusively humans acts.

Where would this leave Christianity?  Would it be any
less?  Would its teachings be false?  Would the strength and inspiration
it provides be any less real?  Somewhat to my surprise, when I engage
in this thought experiment, I find it uplifting.