12 April, 2014

"Waterboard Him Some More"�|�Katherine Hawkins

"Waterboard Him Some More"�|�Katherine Hawkins:

. According to the Washington Post,
after Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in August 2002, "Mitchell
and Jessen concluded that the prisoner was broken." The Counterterrorist
Center, then headed by Jose Rodriguez, was not convinced. A former
official told the Post that "[h]eadquarters was sending daily harangues,
cables, e-mails insisting that waterboarding continue for 30 days
because another attack was believed to be imminent...Headquarters said
it would be on the team's back if an attack happened. They said to the
interrogation team, 'You've lost your spine.""

The Post's source
said Mitchell and Jessen agreed to waterboard Abu Zubaydah one last
time, but insisted that CIA officials come from Langley to the black
site to view what happened. Afterwards, "they all agreed to stop."