05 April, 2014

NASA's About To Release a Mother Lode of Free Software

NASA's About To Release a Mother Lode of Free Software: It's pretty obvious that specific industries like aerospace will have a field day with this new catalog of free code. "Some things are expected," said Lockney, naming the aerospace and medical industries as obvious beneficiaries of this new catalog of free code, he said. "It's the unexpected that we're looking forward to seeing."

The catalog will go live in PDF form on April 10, but that's only the beginning. A print version will follow on May 21, and in the months after that, NASA will develop a fully searchable database and a software repository. The code is free for anyone to use, though some applications are restricted for government use only. Everything is organized into 15 broad subject matter categories, from autonomous systems to vehicle management.

So think up some thoughts and dream up some dreams. In just a few days, NASA's going to make it much easier to reach them. Because that's what they're here for.