05 July, 2018

[Transcript] Over, Under Through: Fixing Government Friction | Stanford eCorner

[Transcript] Over, Under Through: Fixing Government Friction | Stanford eCorner: "Jennifer: That’s one of the things that is so interesting about this work is that we had this small group of people but we had amazing air cover and so what that meant was that the entire federal government had gone through and had seen what can happen when technology fails to serve citizens. They had seen, the president had seen it, the administration had seen it and didn’t want that to happen again. You know the digital service had the support of a very divided Congress while President Obama was in office. When he got started Democrats and Republicans supported this because people have an understanding across aisles and ideologies that government should do what it says it’s going to do and should do it well. And the idea that we had results, not just optics, but results that we could show that we were doing, we were making things more effective. We were making things more efficient. It was exceedingly helpful.


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