26 June, 2018

FarawayFairways comments on a hard brexit

FarawayFairways comments on a hard brexit:

Boris screwed it up. He won the referendum. He couldn't even get this right! The whole bloody thing is an accident.
George Osborne stood down and left parliament altogether, and now Boris is left trying to reinvent himself as the arch Brexiteer.
He did of course try and become leader, but Michael Gove and the other 'genuine' Eurosceptic's scuppered him and he withdrew. They knew he wasn't really one of them. Sure they were happy to run with him for such time as he leant their campaign panache, but once it was over he'd served their purpose and they ditched him
If David Cameron hadn't told the BBC's James Landale that he was going to step down, Boris would have campaigned for 'remain' and the likelihood is that a leave vote fronted by such charismatic individuals as Gove, Fox, Duncan-Smith, Ledsom, and Stewart, would have lost
The whole thing is a complete cock up. Boris saw the crown and made a grab for it. The people didn't appreciate what he was trying to do, and now we are where we are

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