17 April, 2017

The Programmers’ Stone » Why No-One’s Noticed This Before

The Programmers’ Stone » Why No-One’s Noticed This Before: "We don’t miss what we haven’t got, and this can lead to seeing things in profoundly different ways. A person who frequently does juxtapositional thinking is aware of the importance of self-consistency in their thinking. If something doesn’t “hang together”, they know they have made an error. Often they use self-consistency as the basis of their thinking, deducing that something must be missing, and then being able to find it. A person who is rarely if ever in a position to do juxtapositional thinking, will not consider or expect self-consistency in this way. Their view of reality is therefore fragmented. If they don’t require their understanding to hang together, they develop the idea of “mere facts”. What are facts? What do they prove? Nothing! Instead they use their focussed attention to concentrate on compliance with a proceduralism, and they don’t let mere facts get in the way. They certainly don’t trust their own good senses.

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