21 October, 2015

'Mythbusters' to end with final season | EW.com

'Mythbusters' to end with final season | EW.com: "We’ve seen thousands of people across the country and abroad. The kind of appreciation that’s been expressed by people all over the place for what we’ve done, for encouraging them or their family or kids to be interested in science, is absolutely wonderful. I can’t think of anything that would be more important than that. I think there’s something in the playful experimentation that we do that seems to appeal to the way people’s minds work, young people in particular, by doing things that are destructive and creative and challenging, all at the same time. Science is a deeply creative enterprise. The public doesn’t often associate science with being deeply creative. We have pointed out how fun and creative and thought-provoking science and experimentation can be. The rest is all fluff."

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