18 June, 2015

Failure is an option for GSA's new 18F agile contract - FederalNewsRadio.com

Failure is an option for GSA's new 18F agile contract - FederalNewsRadio.com: ""I really expect the alpha BPA will give us a lot of opportunity to learn as we try different things," said Dave Zvenyach, the project lead for the new agile BPA. "At 18F, we enjoy the opportunity to evaluate the processes freshly and make sense of what works and what doesn't work. What I would really hate to see in terms of the outcome is to have the BPA be like any other procurement in the federal government. We're hoping that we can learn a lot of things in the alpha phase, refine a lot of practices, our processes and our tooling so that when we scale up beyond the alpha phase, it will be a new way of buying agile delivery services. The reason why I hesitate to give a specific date on the beta, I really want to spend ample time with the alpha, really trying to figure what works and what doesn't work before we start jumping into the next phase. And frankly one of the things we say too, this may not work. We recognize at 18F that not everything is a good idea, not everything works out for the future. So we want to experiment, we want to try and if it fails, we want to fail fast."


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