16 March, 2015

How running an $837,000 office pool destroyed this man's life | NJ.com

How running an $837,000 office pool destroyed this man's life | NJ.com:
That civil case is still awaiting an appeal. A criminal trial date
is set for June after nearly five years filled with delays that Ferrara
considers stall tactics, and even then, the trial is unlikely to start
until the fall. Bovery's lawyers plan to present a potential witness
list that includes all of the nearly 4,000 pool participants, leading to
another logistical nightmare: Would it be even possible to find 12
jurors who don't know any of the players?

Bovery, meanwhile, has watched as New Jersey aggressively pursues legalized sports betting as a way to inject money into Atlantic City's casinos and the state's racetracks.

Some of the most influential lawmakers in the state,
with the full backing of Gov. Christie, are fighting the four major
professional sports leagues and the NCAA in court for the right to have
Las Vegas-style betting ... and, all the while, one county is fighting
one New Jersey resident for essentially doing the same thing.