08 October, 2014

Same-sex couples receive marriage licenses in Virginia

Same-sex couples receive marriage licenses in Virginia:

Norfolk Clerk George Schaefer denied London and Bostic a marriage
license a year ago. But on Monday, Schaefer was there congratulating
them along with the couple's attorneys and close friends.

"Thank you so much. It was a pleasure suing you," said London. "I enjoyed being sued," Schaefer replied.

"I don't think [Schaefer] ever took it personally," said London.

and neither did we. I mean everyone was doing their jobs. They were
fulfilling the roles they were required to fulfill by the laws of the
state. And that's what they did. And no where along the line, and I try
to be clear about this, has anyone been disrespectful. And even those
that opposed us, they didn't attack us, they attacked the issue," said