26 August, 2014

Its Edge Intact, Vice Is Chasing Hard News - NYTimes.com

Its Edge Intact, Vice Is Chasing Hard News - NYTimes.com: The riveting footage and remarkable access in “The Islamic State” provoked envy and wonder — those little dickens at Vice had done it again — and raised questions about the line between propaganda and news. Some asked what precisely Vice News did to gain entree into ISIS’s inner circle. So how did Vice get the get?

“We asked,” said Jason Mojica, editor in chief of Vice News. He stated categorically that no money had been paid and said that the restrictions under which Mr. Dairieh worked were there for all to see in the video. It was a choreographed media opportunity with one of the most dangerous, well-armed terrorist organizations in the world, one that he said was worth the risk and the effort.